Personal Brand Development

Beaumont Training Group’s Personal Brand Development Program is designed to develop and strengthen the reputation of an individual in the public eye, or about to be elevated into the public eye. With over 35-years combined experience, and a portfolio of clients including supermodels, celebrities, CEOs, singers, actors, politicians, influencers, sports stars and public figures from all over the world, our Personal Brand Development work is globally renowned across many industries.

Our program can be comprehensive, for clients about to be catapulted into the spotlight, or a gentle polishing or refresher. Each client receives a customized program tailored to his or her needs through a first-of-its-kind combination of media training and business and social setting instruction, which will instantly improve public perception.

With extensive experience to assist during crisis communications, we have trained individuals to avoid the pitfalls that have derailed or ruined careers. We are the ‘Dream Team’ behind your ‘Dream Team’.

The Personal Brand Development Program can be beneficial for a one-off event, an interview, long-term campaign and cultivating or creating a personal brand. The bespoke program will be strategically designed by a team of industry professionals to address all aspects of an individual’s image, presentation and influence.

Through extensive training lead by Adam Fresco, who has over 20-years experience as a senior journalist and news editor at The Times, and global trainer Myka Meier, we will give you the tools to elongate your career and give you the ‘brandability’ that sponsors adore.

Choose from one of three custom packages:

  • Half-Day Training: Private and in-person 3.5-hour intensive training session for up to 3 people
  • Online Training – Private 2-hour training session via Skype done in the comfort of your home or office

Our Personal Brand Development team will help clients learn:

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