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Beaumont Training Group adds a fresh spin to traditional corporate training programs, instructing in an empowering manner to instill confidence and break down cultural and gender barriers. Offering a wide range of professional development training programs for companies from small businesses to Fortune 100 firms, Beaumont Training Group’s carefully selected team of experts and partners have worked with hundreds of firms in dozens of industries across the globe, including aviation, banking and finance, hospitality and tourism, insurance, legal and consulting, real estate management and luxury sales.

With the evolution of business practices, Founder and Director, Myka Meier launched Beaumont Training Group, a female-led corporate training initiative catering to gender-neutral protocols. Among a broad network of partners, Beaumont Training Group developed a strategic alliance with Resiliti, another female-founded training and advisory company, led by Debra Sabatini Hennelly. Resiliti brings expertise and C-suite experience in assessing and managing compliance and ethical risks in operations and organizational culture; advising executives and boards; and developing management strategies and training programs to enhance accountability, inclusion and brand reputation. Resiliti is available to work with companies to build a culture of integrity, ethical leadership and “speaking up” about risks and concerns.

Beaumont Training Group specializes in educating a range of employees from new hires and associates to management and C-Suite Executives on the expansive world of business protocol, dining etiquette, networking, sales and leadership training, and specific content related to the team’s roles.

In today’s digital age Meier and team work to help employees navigate the ever changing landscape as it relates to company wide communication, as well as communication between clients and customers.

Meier has been sought after for a decade by Chief Executives and company managers to educate their teams in a range of professional development and customer service topics to enhance the value of the company and the skill set of each member. Beaumont Training Group is the professional development arm of Beaumont Etiquette, LLC. Founded in London in 2011 by Meier, the company was named one of the country’s “Most Innovative Companies” by Fast Company in 2017. Beaumont Training Group is based in New York City, with satellite offices in several major metropolitan areas around the world.

Learn more about Myka Meier and the Beaumont Training Group here.

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